Dolittle Trailer drops

Whilst I’m not entirely sure the world was crying out for a Dr Dolittle remake; we evidently live in
a world where everything that’s old is new again. Or kind of new. Fresh off Avengers: Endgame RDJ takes on the mantle of Dr Dolittle, the charming gent who can chat with the animals. Seems as though his performance may be leaning closer to his take on Sherlock Holmes instead of fast-talking Tony Stark, which is fine by me.

The trailer has copped the usual negative knee jerk reaction online, but my fingers are loosely crossed hoping for a fun ride. I appreciate the hints of physicality in RDJ’s performance and I’m always down for talking animals.

Dolittle hits cinemas January 9th. Would love to hear you thoughts. Feel free to drop a line in the comments below

- Stu


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