Stu’s New Years Resolution: Filling Director Blindspots

For 2020, my goal each month is to knock off four titles from a prominent director that I’ve never caught before. Now before you judge me for my shameful list, I openly acknowledge that I’ve got way too many important films to still see. We can’t see them all, but it’s fun to have a crack at ticking off some of the big boppers. A daunting challenge to say the least. I do apologise that there aren’t any female directors on my list, it’s because I predominantly focused on the 40s - 70s when listing my shame and thus my list was skewed towards the boys. By no means throwing shade at female directors. I’d love to know what film you’re most ashamed of for not seeing. I've broken down the titles month-by-month and praying I can keep going throughout the year, there's some remarkable films in there. Feel free to sound off in the comments below or come over and play on our Facebook page.

- Stu 

January - Billy Wilder
Sunset Boulevard ✔️
Double Indemnity ✔️
Witness For the Prosecution ✔️
Stalag 17 ✔️

February - Stanley Kubrick
Eyes wide shut ✔️
Barry Lyndon ✔️
The Killing ✔️
Paths of Glory ✔️

March - Ingmar Bergman
Persona ✔️
Wild Strawberries ✔️
The Seventh Seal✔️
Cries and Whispers ✔️

April - Abbas Kiarostami
Taste of Cherry
Certified Copy
The Wind Will Carry us
Close Up

May - Akira Kurosawa
Throne of Blood

June - Robert Altman
McCabe & Mrs Miller
The Long Goodbye
3 Women

July - John Huston
The Maltese Falcon
The Treasure of Sierra Madre
The African Queen
The Misfits

August - Robert Bresson
Diary of a Country Priest
A Man Escaped
Au Hasard Balthazar

September - John Ford
Rio Grande
The Man who shot Liberty Valance
The Quiet Man

October - Federico Fellini
La Dolce Vita
La Strada

November -  Kar-Wai Wong
In the Mood for Love
My Blueberry Nights
Happy Together
Chungking Express

December - Elia Kazan
Gentlemen’s Agreement
East of Eden
On the Waterfront
America, America


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