Retro films at Hornsby Odeon Cinema

Now that cinemas have reopened, film fans have a smorgasbord of retro screenings to enjoy. We’ve long championed getting out to support smaller cinemas that retain the yesteryear charm of going to the flicks. Hornsby Odeon Cinema holds a special place in my heart, as I experienced so many movies here as a child. Nothing beats seeing Hook with some friends for my 10th birthday. As silly as it may sound, heading out to see a film you love, goes a long way to returning to some kind of normality in this crazy year.

“The Odeon team worked tirelessly during lockdown to repaint freshen up and throughly clean everything. In addition we have also recommissioned our state of the art 35mm equipment with features such as Dolby SRD 6 track stereo sound system with EX extension. The aim being to run feel good retro titles on film”

Click here to check out current session times and what's coming soon. 

Hornsby Odeon Cinema 

Address: 155 Pacific Hwy, Hornsby NSW 2077

Something for for the whole family to watch


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