SNAKE EYES: G.I JOE ORIGINS event at CCXP Worlds this Saturday

CCXP Worlds is happening in Brazil on our Saturday, and Aussie fans of the G.I Joe franchise can get access to the exclusive panels.

With SNAKE EYES: G.I JOE ORIGINS scheduled for release next October, Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians, The Gentlemen, Last Christmas) will be making a special appearance alongside the legendary comic writer Larry Hama (writer & editor of Marvel Comics, best known for writing G.I. Joe: An American Hero and writing for Wolverine). It is a rare chance for fans to see the creator of the iconic character chatting with the actor set to portray him on the big screen. 

The panels are expected to start at around 11:00am AEDT on Saturday, and you will be able to find the livestreams on the CCXP Worlds’ Facebook page. Fans can also sign up through a ‘free ticket’ option on their website.


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