Stu's favourite films of the year (2023)

2023 was a very special year for many reasons, most of all because it saw the arrival of my beautiful daughter. The other reason, from our site’s perspective, was that it happened to be one hell of a year for movies. I only caught 51 films this year. A solid mixture of cinema visits and streaming watches. Apparently having a child mercilessly eats into your movie watching time. Be that as it may, here are my favourite films of the year:

1. Oppenheimer - Christopher Nolan
2. Past Lives - Celine Song 
3. Return to Seoul - Davy Chou 
4. Roald Dahl Collection (Netflix) - Wes Anderson 
5. Fingernails - Christos Nikou.
6. The Super Mario Bros Movie - Aaron Horvath Michael Jelenic Pierre Leduc 
7. Asteroid City - Wes Anderson
8. Barbie - Greta Gerwig
9. Killers of the Flower Moon - Martin Scorsese 
10. The Pigeon Tunnel - Errol Morris
11. Dungeons and Dragons : Honor Among Thieves - John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein
12. Air - Ben Affleck 
13. Blackberry - Matthew Johnson 
14. The Killer - David Fincher 
15. The Creator - Gareth Edwards 

Notable things I haven’t seen yet:

Poor Things



The Holdovers


Godzilla Minus One


All of Us Strangers

Fallen Leaves

Anatomy of a Fall 

Rebel Moon

Talk to Me

Rye Lane


  1. Oppenheimer on top is 100% deserved, but, for me, Killers of the Flower Moon beats Barbie. Barbie was amazing for the first half, but should have went down a darker path.


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