Hanabee Announces first 2013 Releases

Hanabee wowed us with Dream Eater Merry and Toradora and they're looking to do it again with their next round of releases being Arakawa Under the Bridge, Ef: A tale of Memories and Bodacious Space Pirates.

All the details after the jump!


Just how far will you go to pay off a debt?

For one, Ko Ichinomiya, born and raised never to be in debt to anyone, upholds this idea very seriously. So when a girl named Nino inexplicably rescues him, a self proclaimed 'Venusian', he is left with the greatest debt of all.

Agreeing to become her boyfriend and moving in with her as repayment gets more complicated when your girlfriends home ins literally under a bridge and you've just met the eccentric neighbours. Featuring a centuries old Kappa, a cross dressing nun, a rock star with a star for a head, to mention a few, all of whom make the 'Venusian' Nino seem normal, Kou might just be in over his head.

  • Complete first season featuring all 13 episodes available on DVD from December 5th 2012.
  • Second season to be released early 2013.
  • Japanese audio with English subtitles only.


Memories made and memories lost from two tales made bittersweet...

On the night of Christmas Eve, Hiro Hirono meets Miyako Miyamura as she chases her purse-snatcher. From there blossoms an unlikely friendship between the two as circumstances bring them closer together, However it gets a little more complex when Hiro's childhood friend, Kei Shindou, decides to make her feelings known.

Renji Asou meets Chihiro Shindou at an abandoned train station and learns that her memory is not what it should be. Due to her condition it has made Chihiro's dream of writing a novel an impossible task. Now, however, Renji is determined to help her fulfill her dream. 

An emotional roller coaster that'll be sure to tug at your heart strings, ef ~ a tale of memories is an interesting look on how these individuals navigate the treacherous waters of love in all its forms.
  • From the director of Baka and Test: Summon the Beast and the studio behind Madoka Magica.
  • First 12 episodes to be released in January 2013.
  • Features both English and Japanese dub.
  • Available on DVD and Blu Ray.

All aboard the pirate ship, Bentenmaru!

When her estranged father passed away, Marika Kato has found herself unsuspectingly inheriting a pirate ship called Bentenmaru, and its crew. By law, the ships captaincy must be inherited by direct blood relatives and as the only a living relative; Marika must take charge if the crew of the ship wishes to continue their adventures.

But what's a girl supposed to do when just in high school and the only experience you've had in space are your rides in the space yacht club? For Marika, the answer is simple but juggling life between being a student, her part time job and being the captain of a pirate ship is easier said than done. 

Nevertheless whatever happens, arm yourselves for a swashbuckling adventure across the galaxy in Bodacious Space Pirates!
  • By the series director of the Ninja Scroll TV series and animated by Studio Satelight (Fairy Tail)
  • Totalling 26 episodes with the first 13 released in January 2013.
  • The first Blu Ray release for Hanabee!
  • Both English and Japanese dubs.

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