It's that time of the month again. 

Freshly picked from the bullshit tree it's the latest instalment of our bi-monthly podcast, Geek of Oz presents: Read, Watch, Play!

Lots to talk about this week. With Christmas season quickly looming upon us like a hungry drifter in a back alley we are getting spoiled with a whole bunch of new games, comics and shows all vying for our attention. Also Star Wars.

Billy talks new Tomb raider, Chris and I give you our thoughts on Star Wars Battlefront and Stu gives you his take on a whole bunch of movies. Real original Stu, real original.  

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This week's discussion topic: Endings! We discuss some our favourite and least favourite endings. 

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Billy (@aqualec,
Read: Dr Strange
Watch: Pokemon, Sex and the City
Play: Rise of the Tomb raider

Christof (@weeklygeek,
Read: Wolf Vol.1, Resident Alien the Sam Haim Mystery
Watch: John Mulany: The Comeback Kid
Play: Star Wars Battlefront

Stu (@stucoote,
Watch: Spectre, He named me Malala, The Hunger games Mockingjay part 2, Knight of cups, 99 homes

Chris (@ChrisComerford3,
Watch: Spectre
Play: Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront


  1. I think with a lot of tv shows i wouldn't say they have "Bad" endings, yet a lot have lacklustre endings. Very few good to great shows know how to end. I'm surprised Peter Jackson has come out and mentioned how rushed he was on The Hobbit. Guillermo Del Toro was living there for years, then pulled out. Surely some story boards were on the board?

  2. One of the worst game ending I've experienced is Fallout 3's original (pre-DLC) one.

    The game's mechanics give you carte blanche to wander around picking and choosing how and when you're going to finish various quests. But when you get the end the game twists itself in knots to try and justify making your character walk into a fatal, radiation-soaked area to save the wasteland. Regardless of how you've played the game to that point and despite there being a radiation-immune super mutant available to do that job safely.


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