1,000 Posts = 1 Million Memories

Can you believe it? Geek of Oz is officially 1,000 posts old! After starting Geek of Oz all on my lonesome, it has now grown to be something that I'm immensely proud of. Not only is it a website/blog that I'd want to visit myself, but it's also home to 8 of the coolest geeks I've been privileged to know. 

Over the past few years I've experienced things that, as a geek myself, I never would have dreamed of. In the early days I was lucky enough to interview Neil Gaiman in the foyer of a Hobart hotel, just the two of us and much tea. This interview would eventually be my first published work with Mark Millar contacting me personally to use the interview in the pages of CLiNT magazine in the UK. Soon after, I took a road trip Mr Gaiman's wife, Amanda Palmer, and her tour manager, a beautiful man by the name of Eric Sussman. As time went on, I met even more wonderful folks, each of whom left an indelible mark on my geeky soul including JJ Abrams,  Brian Michael Bendis, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, Edgar Wright and more. 

I've been blessed to find support from various distributors. Without their unending support, supplying us with games, films, anime, TV and interview opportunities, we wouldn't be able to supply you with content. I'm incredibly thankful to all of these companies for taking a chance on us. A very special shout out to Ben who has helped me out in so many ways. Thanks, Hoss.

Finally, thanks to anyone who has ever visited Geek of Oz and especially those of you who are frequent visitors. I have to admit, regardless of anything else, knowing that people read and appreciate what we do makes it all worthwhile. Chatting to readers over Facebook, Twitter or in the comments on each page is a buzz. I can't possibly thank you, the reader, enough for your persistent motivation. Whether you know it or not, you're the reason that we do what we do.

Thanks a million,


PS: a MASSIVE thank you needs to be forwarded to my beautiful wife for her patience, understanding and support. She's the best!


  1. Wow, has it really been only {insert count} amount of years? Certainly feels like a lot more than 1000 posts too.

    Impressive to watch your venture grow into the beast that it's now rocking. Keep bringing it.


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